From the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast Network, comes a podcast where a couple of thirtysomethings talk about a show on onesomethings.

This is Too Grown Up: A Rugrats Retrospective. A podcast dedicated to show about a bunch of dumb babies and all the adventures they go on. Your hosts Michael and Natalie will be going through the first season of the Nicktoons classic. The idea is that we cover just the first thirteen episodes as a bit of a trial run to see how people enjoy the series before we continue with the later seasons.

Every podcast episode we will talk about the two stories incorporated in every broadcast episode, with the exception of the first episode and the few special episodes where this is only one story. We will cover the different themes and messages that come from each episode with the occasional tidbits about the production. At the end of every episode we will “Pick Our Favorite Baby” and decide which one of the two stories in the broadcast episode was our favorite.

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